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3D printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, also known as additive manufacturing, is a new process based on the principle of material stacking layer by layer. Compared with the conventional precision printing process, 3D printing is advantaged by low cost, high precision, and multi-extension. Kangshuo has a number of independently developed 3D printing equipment and software systems, as well as multiple printing materials such as metal, ceramics and sand moulds, meeting the needs of production and rapid development of multi-size prototypes, with characteristics such as high precision and stable operation, providing customers with advanced 3D printing solutions.
Technical Advantages
Kangshuo Group is committed to developing low-stress metal 3D printing machines with high degree of automation and intelligence, good “six properties”, and market competitiveness. It has developed a professional and practical R&D team of high-end additives and equipment. Break through key technologies such as selective laser melting (SLM), metal 3D printing and stress control, fusion and synergy, and multi-metal printing control, fusion and synergy, forming unique technology invention patent of Kangshuo.
Structural characteristics of the fuselage:
Highly integrated
All subsystems are integrated into the fuselage frame.
Highly compact
The distance between the subsystems is small.
The main structures are made of square steel, meeting the strength requirement.
The kinematical accuracy can be satisfied by adjusting the fuselage.
The high stability of the fuselage can be ensured by the gradient annealing.
R&D mode:
Independent design adopted
Manufacture & purchase services provided
Development with independent installation and adjustment