Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing
Sand Printer
Equipment model: KSS18000A
Layer thickness: 0.2-0.6 mm
Molding accuracy: ±0.3 mm
Motion control accuracy: ±0.02 mm
Sand laying method: bidirectional sand laying
Sand laying speed: 200-400mm/s
Number of nozzles: 4 (1,024 holes per nozzle)
Printing motion speed: 1,200mm/s
Power supply requirements: three-phase, 380VAC±10%, frequency of 50-60 Hz
Heating power: 9 KW
Area occupied by complete equipment (L×W×H): 5,300×2,800×2,300 mm
Total weight :7.6T
Rated molding size (L×W×H): 1,800×1,000×750 mm
Printing resolution: 400 dpi
Printing efficiency :160-270 L/h
Consumables: furan resin or phenolic resin, curing agent, silica sand, ceramic sand
Number of work boxes: single work box with independent drive
Sand treatment center: automatic sand treatment + mixing new and old sand in any proportion
Peak power of the machine: 11 KW
Noise: < 60 dB
Environment requirements: Operating temperature :22-38 ℃
Relative humidity: < 55%