Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing
Contact-type Residual Stress Control Unit with High-Energy Acoustic Beam
Model: KS1701C_CRS
Technical Parameters

Preload:The preload stress between the coupling and the box is adjustable from 0.2 to 5Mpa.

Control Mode:Separate inching mode is adopted at each point location, and each point can be individually adjusted for distance to control the plane and most irregular surfaces.

Control Range: Maximum adjustable size L×W×H=1.6×1.4×0.8 m

Control Materials:Control Materials: Metal components (steel, copper, titanium alloy, aluminum, nickel, magnesium, tungsten, etc.)

Power Supply:220V to 240VAC/50HZ

Contact-type Residual Stress Control Unit with High-Energy Acoustic Beam:Contact-type ultrasonic stress control technology is an efficient method to eliminate harmful residual tensile stress on the surface or weld area of components and bring about beneficial compressive stress. Ultrasonic waves are generated by an ultrasonic generator which is an electronic device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. This device utilizes the energy converted by ultrasonic wave to generate contact-type acoustic vibration on the surface of metal objects at a frequency of about 20,000 times per second. The energy at high frequency, high efficiency and focusing can cause significant compressive plastic deformation of the metal surface. At the same time, the acoustic vibration changes the original stress field and produces beneficial compressive stress. Under high-energy vibration, the temperature of the metal surface rises rapidly after friction, and when the device stops, it quickly cools down, causing changes in the surface metal structure in the acting area and strengthening the control area.