Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing
Metal Printer
Model: to be determined
Technical Parameters

Net Weight: About 2,600 KG

Total Power: About 13 KW

Molding size: Maximally L×W×H=280×280×350mm

Applicable Materials: Aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy, iron-based alloy, nickel-based alloy, stainless steel, alloy steel, metal powder materials

Stress Control Mode: Nine compact ultrasonic transducers are arranged at the bottom of the forming substrate, and the power of each transducer can be set independently.

Low-stress SLM Metal 3D Printing Engineering Prototype: It is the world's first SLM metal 3D printing machine integrated with low-stress control technology, with independent intellectual property rights of Kangshuo Group. This device is integrated with an ultrasonic stress control system under the metal powder forming substrate. The stress control is effective in the powder forming height of 10mm to 300 mm, the stress control reduction rate is 10 to 30%, and the deformation optimization range is 5% to 30%, ensuring that the stress of each part contour line can be controlled well in the printing process, without blurring, looseness, excessive fusion, or deformation and cracking caused by excessive stress. The plastic deformation of the internal lattice structure of the component is optimized by stress control during and after the laser melt forming of the component, and the residual stress is removed and reduced in the metal additive manufacturing of blank structural components, ultimately improving the comprehensive mechanical properties and quality of printed products, and extending the fatigue strength and service life of the product.