Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing
Robotic Arm Low Stress Welding Equipment
Model: KS2001AW_CRS
Applicable materials: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper alloy, low carbon steel, titanium alloy, tungsten alloy, etc.
Advantages and Features: Rapid process research and development of large-sized complex components, short-cycle manufacturing, excellent forming quality, welding without deformation, and balanced stress of welded structural components
Molding Range: 2,000×2,000×1,000 mm
Ultrasonic Power Supply: 20K, 15K
Titanium Alloy Amplitude Transformer: 20K, 15K
Actuator: Six-axis Robot
Configured Software: LUNFOPNT
Equipment advantages
High welding efficiency Perform welding without manual operations, unnecessarily considering the harm of harmful gases to human body, allowing for continuous operation.
Easy operation Proceed to welding automatically through preset program, without the need for manual complex operations, reducing the skill requirements for workers.
High welding quality Control the welding process by ultrasonic exciter, effectively reducing welding stress and deformation and improving weld quality.
Low labor intensity Reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency