Intelligent Manufacturing
As key "members" of aerospace manufacturing, aerospace key components, including airframe parts, engine parts, avionics components, airborne equipment and other components, play an important role in the industry.
The aerospace industry involves the design, research and development, and manufacturing of many engine components. Committed to ensuring the reliability and performance of the engine, Kangshuo Group adopts advanced manufacturing technologies to produce components that meet strict standards, takes titanium alloy, alloy and other high-performance materials with strong wear resistance and high strength as raw materials, and employs precise machining, special welding, thermal stress treatment and other processes to guarantee the accuracy and quality of components.
Engine crankcase
Engine blade
Aviation multiple-unit valve
Duplex stainless steel impeller
Power system refers to the energy conversion system that drives the operation of mechanical equipment, including engine, transmission device, power steering system, etc. In all kinds of mechanical equipment, the power system is a very important part, and its role is directly related to the performance and efficiency of the equipment.
Ship Field
In the ship field, the intake and exhaust system is used to provide sufficient air to the engine. We can manufacture components including intake ducts, exhaust pipes, turbochargers, etc. High-performance parts enhance the efficiency and power output of the engine. At the same time, we use high-strength materials to manufacture cylinder blocks and heads as the core components of the engine to ensure their durability and reliability.
Ship Cylinder Head
Double-walled tube
Duplex stainless steel impeller
Commercial vehicle
Commercial vehicle components refer to various components and accessories used in commercial transportation vehicles (such as trucks, buses and vans). Kangshuo Group has independent R&D capabilities, advantages in technological innovation of relevant products, and excellent technical support and services in the industry, making it respond to after-sales technical problems in a timely manner.
Cylinder Block of Commercial Vehicle
Cylinder Head of Commercial Vehicle
Transmission Case
Passenger vehicle
Passenger vehicle components refer to various components and accessories used in passenger vehicles (such as sedans, SUVs and MPVs). Kangshuo Group focuses on the research on the engine components, transmission systems, braking systems and other components of commercial vehicle. For example, the transmission housing made of high-strength and wear-resistant cast iron and aluminum alloy is highly innovative in cooling, lubrication, sealing and designs.
Automotive cylinder head
Automotive cylinder block
Transmission Housing
Intake and exhaust system
New Energy Field
Energy battery is a device used to store electrical energy. The battery case and motor enclosure manufactured by Kangshuo Group provide unique protection for the motor in cooling, waterproofing and short-circuit prevention. The subframe made of steel plate is also extremely rigid, achieving the best fitting in power transmission and chassis arrangement of the vehicle in order to ensure the controllability and stability of the vehicle.
Battery case
Motor casing
Hydraulics is an engineering system that uses liquids to transmit energy and signals. It can transmit force and movement under action of liquid pressure and control and regulate the movement. Hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve are the important components of the hydraulic system, playing a vital role in the normal operation and performance of the hydraulic system.