Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing
3D ceramic printer
Technical Parameters

Net Weight: About 1,000 KG

Total Power: About 5.5 KW

Molding Size: Maximally L×W×H=300×300×160mm

Molding method: SLA UV curing

Printing accuracy: ±0.1mm

Data Format: STL

Applicable Materials: Aluminum oxide paste, silicon oxide paste, zirconium oxide paste, silicon and zirconium mixed materials, etc.

Process Flow

Model Design: Design the model with 3D drawing software and export STL format file.

3D Printing: Set the layering parameters and machine parameters with the software, and print the blank layer by layer until the end of all printing.

Recycling and Cleaning: The uncured printing materials are basically 100% recycled and reused, and the surface of the parts is cleaned.

Degreasing and Sintering: Remove organic matters in degreasing and sintering process to obtain ceramic parts that meet the requirements.

Ceramic KS301C device: It is designed with a special non-contact support system; the support is not directly connected with the product, without the need to remove the support after sintering, improving production efficiency and product accuracy. This device can also be additionally equipped with two molding sizes (300*100mm, 300*200mm) to accommodate products of different specifications.