Company Culture
Guide the way of "intelligent manufacturing" and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry
Brand Orientation
Leader in intelligent manufacturing of key components
Group Vision
Work to develop into a global enterprise that contributes to society by independent R&D
Core values
Talents Recruitment
Have both virtue and competence, put virtue first.

Recruit employees on the premise of virtues, take into account virtues during talent selection and training so as to attract individuals with both virtues and competence and make them gather to form a depression effect.

Combine care with fairness, rule the enterprise with virtue.

“Virtue-oriented culture” is to enhance cohesion among employees, unify the values of employees, and create a harmonious atmosphere of quality and friendship, mutual help, integrity and respect.

Achieve win-win cooperation, attract customers with virtue.

Small achievement relies on wisdom, while great success depends on virtues.

“Virtue” is to focus on customers

Think issues from the customer's perspective

Actively address the customer's demand

Continuously create value for customers

Give back to the society, carry the business by virtue.

Return a favor with a favor based on virtues

Highlight social responsibility

Create a favorable development environment for intelligent manufacturing

Contribute to social welfare undertakings