Founded in 2010, Kangshuo Group is a leader of intelligent manufacturing in the field of key components in China. As a national high-tech enterprise and a national SRDI “Little Giant” enterprise, Kangshuo Group is committed to basic research, development, production and achievement transformation in the field of key components, involving multiple fields such as new materials, new processes, new equipment and intelligent manufacturing. It is a domestic provider of intelligent manufacturing system solutions in the field of key components, and has been recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a chassis platform for the industrialization of innovative achievements in key components, and awarded the title of National Pilot Demonstration Plant of Intelligent Manufacturing.

On the basis of additive manufacturing solutions, Kangshuo Group has expanded its reach in a variety of advanced manufacturing and testing technologies such as equal material manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing, green and intelligent manufacturing, low-stress manufacturing, and non-destructive testing. It can implement the full process of R&D, pilot production and mass production of key components. Its products have been widely used in the aerospace, energy and power, national defense equipment, rail transit, automotive and other industries.

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In the context of new development paradigm, Kangshuo Group is committed to forming a complete industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing that integrates R&D, design, production, testing and service based on advanced technologies such as equal material manufacturing, additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing, low-stress manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing. While providing customers with integrated solutions for intelligent manufacturing of key components, it also offers advantageous services such as 3D printing, residual stress detection and control, inspection and testing, and raw material R&D and supply.

We are intended to guide the way of "intelligent manufacturing" and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry. Based on the deep integration of new generation information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, we will promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, foster new industries, new formats and new modes, and create a high-end green industrial cluster for digital and intelligent manufacturing, with the leading level in China!